Perfect Again Breastform

The Perfect Again Breastform is a customised response to the breast cancer and therapy regime you have had to undertake and will give you an extremely comfortable breastform outcome. It will perfectly match your natural breast, fit your chest wall and is extremely lightweight.

It is airtight and therefore waterproof. You can now again resume normal life, which is exactly what you want to do as quickly as possible. Because this breastform is customised for you, it’s made to suit a bra of your choice. This means you are not destined to wear a mastectomy bra for the term of your natural life.

The Myth of the Weighted Breastform:

"If women continue to wear a weighted breastform, due to fear of the medical consequences of not doing so, then this false claim may well be a myth that is effectively preventing women from pursuing true healthier lifestyle options."

- Medscape News

Medscape is an American medical reference internet site for qualified physicians and other medical professionals with editors from a vast array of American universities.

There appears to be a lot of misinformation promoted about the “necessary” weight of a breastform and clearly, many women strongly dislike having to live with a weighted breastform. The Perfect Again Breastform offers a lightweight, customised alternative to the traditional weighted breastform.

When the breastform emerges from its mould, it is cased in an inert medical grade silicone. The Perfect Again Breastform can be worn without a cover, however, most women prefer their breastform covered, therefore the option for a custom made cover for your breastforn is also available. Please note however that the cover is not removable. It, like the breastform, comes with a guarantee. Every Perfect Again Breastform is numbered and we hold a corresponding database with specific information about each breastform.

It will take a little while to get used to having to wear an external breastform. But soon enough you should no longer feel it. You'll be able to wear tight torso clothing and friends won’t be able to remember which is your natural breast. With a Perfect Again Breastform in place you’ll be able to do everything you used to do.

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